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He is currently engaged in the following projects, many of which have received funding from a range of sources:. Food and the Circular Economy - South West: Exploring the opportunities available to, and challenges faced by, small and medium-sized enterprises in the food and beverages manufacturing industry as they transition towards the circular economy. Climate policy and carbon markets: A critical interrogation of the social struggles involved in forming a sustainable climate policy.

Prof Boehm has developed critical understandings of the role of carbon markets, arguing that they have been a distraction and that they have had a range of unintended, negative social and environmental consequences. Sustainability of the food system: Developing an inter-disciplinary and political economy approach to understanding issues of health, well-being, environmental sustainability, work and labour in the global food system.

Prof Boehm has run funded research projects on local food systems, agroecological business and health and well-being. The water-food-energy-environment nexus: Expanding our perspective of the nexus by incorporating political, economic and social issues that are not normally considered by environmental scientists and systems engineers. Political economy of organisation: Expanding our view of organisation to include social movement, environmental and political activities.

Professor in Organisation and Sustainability

Such a view must include an understanding of the social struggles between business, government and civil society actors who often have different interests, facing divergent material realities and practices. Key publications Publications by category Publications by year. Professor Steffen Boehm takes an inter-disciplinary approach to teaching topics in organisation, sustainability, corporate governance, business ethics, corporate social responsibility, environment and political economy.

His teaching is research-led, theoretically astute and practice oriented. His teaching is informed by his many years of working in the world of business as well as his involvement with policymakers, NGOs, community groups and social movements. His lecturers and classes are hence practice oriented, analysing the organisational realities on the ground.

This bottom-up or grassroots perspective is driven by the political and ethical need for students to engage with real social, economic and environmental problems — not just in the privileged world but also in disadvantaged and marginalised communities and countries. Professor Boehm rarely uses PowerPoint slides, instead favouring a discursive engagement with students who are expected to take notes during lectures and participate in group activities and class discussions.

He works with a range of real-world case studies, many of which are based on his many published journal articles and books. Section links. Home About People Profile. Overview Research Publications External engagement and impact Teaching.

Publications by category. Ecocultures Blueprints for Sustainable Communities. Abstract: Ecocultures Blueprints for Sustainable Communities. The Atmosphere Business. Against Automobility. Abstract: Against Automobility.

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Repositioning Organization Theory. Repositioning Organization Theory Impossibilities and Strategies. Participation in local food projects is associated with better psychological well-being: Evidence from the East of England. The Enduring State: an analysis of governance making in three mining conflicts.

Organization Studies. Organizing the environmental governance of the rare-earth industry: China's passive revolution.

The inner side of Organizational Change: - Thijs Homan - TEDxAmsterdamED

Agroecology accounting: biodiversity and sustainable livelihoods from the margins. Organizational practices of social movements and popular struggles: understanding the power of organizing from below. Related Information. Close Figure Viewer. Browse All Figures Return to Figure.

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Professor Steffen Boehm

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He has been involved with organizing a number of research activism events, including the Radical Theory Forum. Grand Eagle Retail is the ideal place for all your shopping needs!

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